Language. Text. Society is an independent peer-reviewed academic online journal, the successor to SamaraAltLinguo E-Journal (est. 2007). ISSN 2687-0487 (Online)


  • Independently run (no institutional or corporate affiliation)
  • Peer-reviewed
  • 2 issues per year (since 2020)
  • English and Russian
  • No fees, no subscription, no spam

Primary focus

Discourse and pragmatics:

how language is used in oral and written forms; how texts are structured and build narratives and discourses; how discourse works; speech acts, speech genres, discourse types; how language is used in politics, media, and online.


how language structure and usage varies according to societal factors; language variation and change; cross-cultural communication; language and identity.

Cognitive linguistics:

frame semantics; concepts and conceptual metaphors; linguistic world view.

Ongoing Call for Papers

Language. Text. Society has an ongoing call for submissions. Volume 8, No. 1 is to go online in June 2021. We welcome research and overview articles on topics within our preferred areas from linguists and postgraduate students.

Call for editors

We are seeking linguists specializing in the fields of sociolinguistics, text and discourse analysis, pragmatics, semantics and general linguistics to join our Editorial Board.

Responsibilities include:
— advice on journal policy;
— identifying topics for special issues and guest-editing those issues;
— promoting the journal to colleagues and peers and approaching potential contributors;
— assisting the editor-in-chief in decision making over conflicting issues;
— peer review of contributions (no more than 2–3 per calendar year) and assistance in finding other peer reviewers

The positions are for three years (extendable) and without remuneration. For inquiries and to apply please contact the editor-in-chief via email.