Linguistics in the era of technology: issues and prospects


Ksenija Bogetić


Belgrade University, Belgrade, Serbia


The aim of this paper is to examine the role of linguistics in the period of increasing technological development and prove that, despite certain skeptical claims, it continues to be a significant and fruitful field of research. I briefly describe the major recent developments in the area and then go on to explore the implications of the technological revolution in the field of language science. I show how technological innovations have influenced all areas of language study in terms of systematicity, the use of statistics, formulas, computers and new generations of instrumentation. Finally, I focus on the fact that they have led to the emergence and growth of certain new areas of study that promise to blossom in the 21st century and take forward science as we know it.


scientificization; computational linguistics; cognitive linguistics; biolinguistics

Publication Date

March 15, 2007


Volume 1, Issue 1

Citation information

Bogetić, Ksenija. 2007. “Linguistics in the era of technology: issues and prospects.” Language. Text. Society 1 (1): e1-e7. (Journal title at the time of publication: SamaraAltLinguo E-Journal.)


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