Ideology and linguistic indices: One incident, multiple interpretations


Manizheh Alami


Tabriz Azad University, Tabriz, Iran


Language is a crystal being shaped by the society, one of the mechanism through which society reproduces and regulates itself. In fact, language is not simply a tool of communication or a means of passing on information. It is the means of controlling people through imposing dominant ideologies. In other words, ideology can be materialized in language. So the main aim of Critical Linguistics Analysis (CLA) is to examine the ideologies underlying the texts. CLA by using appropriate linguistic tools and referring to relevant historical and social contexts brings ideology, normally hidden through habituating of discourse, to the surface for inspection. Kress (1993:173) claims that “all texts equally encode the ideological positions of their producers. But they don’t reveal or mask their ideological provenance to the same degree”. This paper is an attempt to go behind the superficial meaning and underlying ideology of the headlines and opening texts of 4 English newspapers published in Iran: Iran Daily, Iran News, Tehran Times and Kayhan International to show how the same incident appeared differently in different papers. The present study applies Halliday’s Systemic-Functional Grammar as the methodological source to unmask ideological uses of linguistic features. The ideational metafunction within which transitivity model is applied is a means of investigating how the linguistic structures of a text effectively encode a particular world-view/ideology. This type of analysis helps the readers to read texts differently, to be careful and pay more attention to the hidden message and ideas between lines.


critical linguistic analysis; systemic-functional grammar; ideology; ideational function; transitivity; press


This paper was presented at the 30th International Systemic-Functional Linguistics Congress (Lucknow, India, 15-17 December 2003).

Publication Date

December 20, 2007


Volume 1, Issue 2

Citation information

Alami, Manizheh. 2007. “Ideology and linguistic indices: One incident, multiple interpretations.” Language. Text. Society 1 (2): e1-e25. (Journal title at the time of publication: SamaraAltLinguo E-Journal.)


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