Question-word movement in Tiv


Michael Terhemen Angitso


Department of Linguistics and African Languages, University of Ibadan, Nigeria


This paper investigates question formation in the Tiv language. It examines the possibility of Q-word extraction from the subject position affecting the agreement marker in the Tiv language. Do prepositions have inherent stranding features that seem to license or block complete Q-word extraction from the clausal adjunct position? The paper submits that the canonical agreement marker “a” is sensitive Q-word extraction, but more sensitive to the tense of the construction from which a Q-word is extracted. It shows that Chomsky’s multiple specifier hypothesis cannot serve as an escape hatch for all constructions. The paper submits that [+/- complement] feature is an inherent feature of prepositions that come to play from the numeration in the Tiv language: the [- complement] feature of a preposition licenses preposition stranding, while the [+ complement] feature of a preposition cannot license preposition stranding, and might at least require a resumptive pronoun in the extraction site.


Tiv; minimalist program; Q-word; extraction; resumption

Publication Date

October 1, 2014


Volume 4, Issue 1

Citation information

Angitso, Michael Terhemen. 2014. “Question-word movement in Tiv.” Language. Text. Society 4 (1): e41-e59. (Journal title at the time of publication: SamaraAltLinguo E-Journal.)


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