2020, Vol. 7 (1)

Research articles

The syntax of Kazakh-Russian intrasentential code-switching in reported clauses
Timur Akishev

How about emotions? Two cultures and varieties of Portuguese
Ana Margarida Belém Nunes

A multimodal analysis of memetic representation of individuals and institutions in Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari administration
Oluwayemisi Olusola Adebomi

Manipulative Use of Affect and Evidential Markers in Legal Discourse
Fatima Zohra Moussa Sassi

Ethnic Polarization in Kenya: Media Framing in Political Interviews
Lillian Kemunto Omoke, Hellen Mberia, and
Margaret Jjuuko

Overview articles

Is Language Intrinsically ‘Fascist’? The Relationship between Gender Across Languages and Ostracism
Francesca D’Angelo

Book reviews

Review of Language and Gender, by Felicity Titjen
Ksenija Bogetić