Aims and Scope

The aim of Language. Text. Society is to cover the results of academic research at the intersection of several language disciplines.

The objectives of the journal are:

  • to represent current research areas in the field of linguistics;
  • to present the most significant research results in the theory of communication, text and discourse linguistics, sociolinguistics;
  • to reflect the state of linguistics in selected areas in Russia and worldwide;
  • serve as a place for international scientific dialogue and exchange.

Research areas covered by the journal include semantics and pragmatics, text linguistics and discourse analysis, cognitive linguistics, speech genres, narratology, and sociolinguistics.

Language. Text. Society aims to become a truly international journal, which is reflected in the diversity of topics, approaches, and methodology of research.

The journal provides an opportunity to share the methodology and achievements of a variety of linguistic schools.

The main language of publications is English to allow scholars from different countries to freely exchange information and results of their research. Individual articles are published in Russian with obligatory duplication of meta-information in English.