Licensing Policy

We find Creative Commons license wording vague, therefore Language. Text. Society has a custom licensing policy detailed below.

Language. Text. Society journal content published since 2019 is freely available to download, save, reproduce, and transmit for noncommercial, scholarly, and educational purposes. Reproduction and transmission of journal content for the above purposes should credit the author and original source. The use, reproduction, or distribution of journal content for commercial purposes requires additional permissions from Language. Text. Society. Anyone has the right to reuse portions or extracts from the articles in other works as long as the original articles, their authors, and Language. Text. Society are appropriately credited in citations and references. Translations are permitted for private and educational use only.

All content prior to 2019 is licensed retroactively under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

Copyright Policy

All copyright is retained by authors. Authors are clearly identified as the owners of the copyright in an article.

Publication Rights

The journal acquires a sole and exclusive worldwide license for all published content. This means that LTS has an exclusive right to publish and distribute the articles in any media (electronic or printed), as well as through computer systems/databases, automatic referencing/indexing, and data retrieval systems. The journal, however, has no right to alter the content of your article beyond the necessary editorial, technical corrections and style adaptation.

The authors are required to sign a license agreement. Authors receive this form pre-filled and should send it to the journal after their submission is examined by the editor and accepted for publication. The agreement is to be signed, scanned (as a color .pdf file) and sent to the editor via email. The authors should be aware that accepted manuscripts will not be published until LTS is in receipt of the license agreement. Authors from Russia must sign the Russian version of the agreement, and other nationals must sign the English-language version.

Authors retain the following rights:

  • The right, after publication, to use all or part of the article and abstract, for their own personal use, including their own classroom teaching purposes.
  • The right, after publication, to use all or part of the article and abstract, in the preparation of derivative works, the extension of the article into book-length or in other works, provided that a full acknowledgment is made to the original publication in the journal.
  • The right to include the article in full or in part in a thesis or dissertation provided that this is not published commercially.
  • The right to publish the article on the author’s webpage, blog, social media account, scholarly networks (like ResearchGate), providing that where possible a link is included back to the article on the LTS site.
  • The right to reuse the abstract and citation information (e.g. Title, Author name, Publication dates) of their article anywhere at any time including social media such as Facebook, blogs and Twitter, providing that where possible a link is included back to the article on the LTS site.

Accepted manuscripts may not be uploaded to or shared via any commercial repositories that charge fees for access or sell the articles.