Language. Text. Society is a peer-reviewed academic journal.

All relevant materials submitted to the Editorial Board are subject to review, then the Editorial Board decides whether to publish them in the journal.

Each submission is reviewed by one or two members of the Editorial Board or any other scholar in the relevant field chosen by the Editor-in-Chief.

All conflicts of interest are avoided where possible, therefore we do not allow reviewing a paper by the submitting author’s tutor (if the author is an MA or Ph.D. student). We find independent reviewers unaffiliated with the same institutions as authors’.

The reviewer evaluates the problem, relevance and originality of the paper, academic quality and style, and then makes a final decision on the possibility of publishing the article (accept, accept with modifications, reject) and draws up a brief justification/comment.

Authors are acquainted with the reviews during the pre-publication period in cases the reviewer provides suggestions for improvement.

In case of disagreement with the reviewer’s opinion, the author of the article has the right to submit a reasoned response to the Editorial Board. The article may be sent for a second review.

Reviews are published together with the corresponding article. Everyone can leave open reviews and comments there via Hypothesis annotating functionality, which should facilitate multiple reviewing and subsequent discussion.

Note: Prior to 2019 all submissions were reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief.