1st International Conference “Language. Text. Society.”


October 22-23, 2020


Samara University of Public Administration “International Market Institute”, Samara, Russia.

To be held online.


  • The multidimensional communicative environment: discursive practices and genres.
  • Parametrization of discourses, genres, and text types.
  • Language specificity of various institutional and interpersonal discourses.
  • Narratives in mass media and social media.
  • Dynamics and variability of the linguistic world view.
  • Reflection of the linguistic world view in the mass media, new media, and Internet communication.
  • Sociological aspects of language phenomena.
  • Language and communication in the current geopolitical situation.
  • Translation in the context of globalization and automation.


Scholars, specialists, MA and Ph.D. students and young researchers in the fields of linguistics, media, translation, sociology and public relations are invited to participate in the conference.


Participation in the conference is free of charge. Travel expenses are covered by the participants’ institutions or by the participants themselves. Unfortunately, the level on which the conference will be held is not wheelchair-accessible.


Abstracts and summaries of all conference materials will be published in the online proceedings. Articles will be published in the special issue of the “Bulletin of the International Market Institute” (not peer-reviewed, ISSN, Russian Science Citation Index). The authors of selected papers will be invited to publish their articles in the international online journal “Language. Text. Society” (peer-reviewed, ISSN).

See publication choices below.

Summary (mandatory for all participants)

The summary contains a brief description of your research and its main results. It is accompanied by an abstract (100-200 words) and a list of keywords (5-7) in English — they should be identical to the abstract and keywords of your article (if you submit one). For summaries in Russian, please provide an abstract and keywords in two languages. The summary should not include a literature review (if it is not a review report) and, accordingly, references. It is recommended to provide key examples to accompany the main results. Tables and figures are not used (if possible).

The summary should be 2-3 A4 pages long. It will be published in online proceedings by the beginning of the conference. The proceedings will not be indexed. The deadline for summary submission is October 1, 2020.

Bulletin of the International Market Institute, article

An article in the indexed non-peer-reviewed journal “Bulletin of the International Market Institute” (special issue) contains a detailed description of your research. The article is accompanied by an abstract (100-250 words) and a list of keywords (5-10). The article must include references (at least 5 sources). All references must be cited in the article. Please include only relevant sources. Articles in Russian must include titles, author information, abstracts, and keywords in two languages.

Articles are up to 10 A4 pages long. They will be published in the Bulletin of the International Market Institute if possible by the beginning of the conference. Therefore, the deadline for submitting articles is September 1, 2020.

Language. Text. Society, article

Authors of selected articles will be invited to publish their papers in the international peer-reviewed online journal Language. Text. Society (issue 1/2021). We will select articles that reflect the substantiated results of the original research, or a detailed literature review, or represent a substantial contribution to the theory of the relevant issue, as well as meet the journal’s content, subject matter, and format requirements. Preference is given to articles in English, but articles in Russian are also considered.

Articles for the online journal should be 10 A4 pages or longer (without the author’s information, abstract, and references). The deadline for submission is September 1, 2020 (if necessary, further editing is possible based on the editorial examination and peer review). The publication is in June 2021.

More info

Articles should be sent by September 1, 2020, to Summaries are expected by October 1, 2020, by e-mail.

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