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2nd International Conference “Language. Text. Society.”

Samara University of Public Administration “International Market Institute”, Samara, Russia.


October 21-22, 2021, online


  • Multi-dimensional communicative environment: discursive practices, genre organization, and linguistic specificity
  • Parameterization of discourses, genres, and text types
  • Narratives in mass media and social media
  • Language and communication in the current geopolitical situation
  • Dynamics and variability of language in mass media, new media, and Internet communication
  • Sociological aspects of linguistic phenomena
  • Translation in the context of globalization and automation


Scholars, specialists, MA and Ph.D. students and young researchers in the fields of linguistics, media, translation, sociology and public relations are invited to participate in the conference.


Participation in the conference is free of charge. Fill in the application form below until June 1, 2021.

Presentation formats

20-minute keynote presentations

These will be carefully selected by organizers from the submitted proposals. Keynote presentations open the conference at the plenary session. Slide show (PowerPoint or similar presentation) is encouraged. 10 minutes are given for questions and answers after each keynote presentation.

10-minute panel presentations

Most proposals fit into this standard category. Slide show (PowerPoint or similar presentation) is encouraged. 5 minutes are given for questions and answers after each panel presentation.


You are free to propose a workshop. Workshops are more practice-oriented and involve presenting a research methodology or research results in an interactive way with the involvement of all attendees. Workshops can last 40 minutes or 1.2 hours. This must be specified in advance.

Round-table discussions

These are more theoretical than workshops and also involve all attendees. This format is a great way to organize a mini-lecture with subsequent discussion. The length is 1.2 hours but proposals for 3-hour round-tables (with 20-minute break) are also accepted.


Abstracts and summaries of all conference materials will be published in the online proceedings by the beginning of the conference. The proceedings will not be indexed. The authors of selected papers will be invited to publish their articles in the international online journal “Language. Text. Society” (peer-reviewed, ISSN).

Summary (mandatory for all participants)
  • The summary contains a brief description of your research and its main results.
  • It is recommended to provide key examples to accompany the main results.
  • The summary should normally not include a literature review (if it is not a review report) and, accordingly, references are kept to a minimum.
  • Tables and figures should be kept to a minimum and included only if absolutely necessary.
  • The summary must be submitted in .doc/.docx./.odt format.
  • It should be 2-5 A4 pages long.
  • All margins are 2 cm, Cambria (or Times New Roman) font, in 12-point at the single interval, including all headings and subheadings.
  • Give the title of your summary on the first line. Choose a title that clearly indicates the topic of the research. A clear relationship between the title and content of your summary will help ensure it is assigned to an appropriate panel, should it be selected for presentation.
  • Indicate your full name (for Russian-speaking participants, first your full name in Russian, then your full name in English on the next line), your affiliation (for Russian-speaking participants, first your affiliation in Russian, then in English on the next line), and location (city and country). Please do not use Caps Lock, bold type, or italics here.
  • Leave one empty line.
  • Include an abstract (100-200 words) and a list of keywords (5-7) in English. For summaries in Russian, please provide an abstract and keywords in two languages (Russian abstract and keywords first).
  • Leave one empty line.
  • Type your summary. Do not use the hyphenation function of your word-processing software. The text should be justified and single-spaced. Leave an extra line spacing between subheadings and the body of the text. Do not leave an extra line spacing between paragraphs.
  • State the problem or research question raised by prior work, with specific reference to relevant prior research. State the main point or argument of the proposed presentation.
  • Cite sufficient data, and explain why and how they support the main point or argument. When examples are in languages other than English or Russian, provide word-by-word glosses.
  • State the relevance of your ideas to past work or to the future development of the field. State the contribution to linguistic research made by the analysis.
  • Linguistic examples are given in italics. Underline the portions of the examples which are critical to the argument.
  • If there are citations, they must be given in parentheses (round brackets), include the last name, date of publication, and (if necessary) page reference – (Smith 2018, 5).
  • If your presentation/research is sponsored, please indicate that in Acknowledgements at the end.
  • The deadline for summary submission is September 1, 2021. Summaries should be sent to

Application Form

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